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We have introduced a new client setting that allows the Auto approval of clockings based on the shift allocated in Scheduler.


In order to be able to enable this feature users need the Manage client settings permission. This will give you access to the main settings page.

Please visit this article to find out more about permission settings.

How to enable Auto approval

Click on the Settings section and scroll down to System Settings. There you will see two options entitled:

  1. Auto approve enable
  2. Auto approve time tolerance

To start with, the Auto approve enable is required to be On.


After Auto approve enabled is saved, a tolerance needs to be set.


What does Auto approve time tolerance mean?

This field will determine the amount of minutes tolerated in lateness for each clocking. If set to 15 minutes, any clocking which is late upto 14 minutes or less will be auto approved.

Have a look at the below sample.


Note: Each individual Talexio user should set their own setting.

How it works

In order for Auto approval to function, shifts are required to be setup for your employees. These can be done manually for each individual employee as well as in bulk through the bulk upload function or from the Generate shifts function, all found on the Scheduler module.

Please visit our help centre to find out more about our Time and Attendance module.

Once, setup, your shifts should look similar to the below image.

Note: Auto approval works only on Standard Shifts and Flexi-Shifts. Overtime Shifts and Unplanned Shifts would need to be approved manually.

After the clockings are located in the Review and Approve tab, notice the exceptions listed for each individual clocking.

From the above clockings, the only auto approves ones are those which fall under the tolerance rule.

The rest of the clockings are skipped and would need to be manually approved.

Note: Auto approval works only if the tolerance is not exceeded and if there is no exception to a clocking. This means that any clockings that have missing hours, overtime, or are set as an overtime will need to be approved manually.

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