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Our new hot desking module allows employees to book and use shared workspace or desk locations within an organization. This module provides a flexible and efficient solution for companies looking to optimize the use of their physical office space and resources. With the ability to view available workspace, book a desk in real-time, and track usage, the hotdesking module helps organizations to save costs and promote a more collaborative work environment.



You will need the Book Hot Desking and View Hot Desking permissions to use the hot desking module.


Setting up your locations

Your rooms need to be allocated to a specific work location. To add, visit the Time & Attendance section and go to the Work locations tab. This can also be done by going to the Hot desking section and clicking on the Work locations tab. You can assign rooms to both active or new locations. When setting up, click on the Add room button on a location.

A modal will appear with a few required settings. These are required for the module be be used by your employees. First you need to set up the name of the Room and the capacity, capacity meaning the number of desks that are allocated. The Hot desking enabled toggle is on by default, switching this off would mean that the room is not available for booking.

After assigning the number of desks available, the minimum and maximum booking hours need to be set. When set, these will be the amount of hours your employees are allowed to book.

Next, assign the desks to a specific unit or business unit. It is also possible to assign the desks to global.

When finished, simply click on the Add button to conclude.


Your desks are now configured and ready for your employees to start reserving their spots.

What employees will see

Once your employees have been assigned the above mentioned permissions a new module will appear titled Hot desking.

When accessed, your employees will see a daily view with the set locations.

The module is also equipped with its own filter options so employees are able to easily switch from one location or unit / department to the another. It is also possible to export a report of your employees reservations.


Note: The information in the both the filters and the view of the module depends on the set permissions.

How to book a desk

To book a desk, simply click on the desired office space, this will open the booking modal. Insert the time for when you would like to book the desk for.



Note: The minimum and maximum rules will apply when booking a desk.

Click on Book now.


Check out the below GIF:

That's it, your desk is booked.

Note: Each reservation can be amended or deleted accordingly. Employees are only allowed to book one desk at a time irrespective of the chosen location.

Other information

Bookings can also be made directly from an employee dashboard. When the above mentioned permissions are set, a pod will be available. employees are allowed to view their upcoming booking as well as book a desk through seperate actions.


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