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The following are the options for integrating to Talexio HR.

Talexio Graph API


Please reach out to us on support@talexio.com for your live endpoint.


Zapier Integration (via RestHooks)


The available actions and triggers are currently limited to a short list but we are flexible in adding new hooks as needed. Read more here or Contact us for more information.


HR Reporting Database - ODBC Connection

At Talexio we believe in giving our clients full control over their data - this facility enables you to create your own reports or even connect your own data visualisation software such as PowerBI, AWS QuickSight, Tableau or Google Data Studio. For the current schema for the reporting database, please reach out to us on support@talexio.com. We can enable the reporting database by connecting it to your own hosted MySQL database or we can provision one for your organisation at a monthly fee.


Your reporting database synchronises every 3 hours. It will contain all your data but can be configured to exclude salary-related information.


Single Sign On Options

Office365 single sign on is currently supported. More information on how this works is available here.

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