Background Jobs

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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When generating Reports, uploading data, sending files (payslips, FS3s, etc.), Talexio processes this data through background jobs. A background job ensures that you can keep on using Talexio whilst the job is running. 


The permissions required to generate background jobs vary depending on the action you are performing. For full list of permissions, check this out.

How can I tell if an action is a background job?

To tell that an action is a background job, you will see the below window pop up when performing your action:

Each background job has it's own Reference code.

There are 3 different stages to a background job:

      1. Pending. This refers when the job was created and is in the queue to start processing.
      2. Running: this is shown when the job is picked by one of our system's workers and is in progress to complete.
      3. Done. This means the job is done. If the job was to generate a report, then you will see a download button.

View past background jobs (reports)

You can find all the background jobs that were generated in the previous two months on your account. You will be able to redownload a report that falls within this date range instantly instead of having to go to the module and regenerate it again.

To see and generate such old report, click on your user name at the top right hand corner (in any Talexio section), and select Background Jobs: