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After setting up the Benefits & Allowances provided by your company within the account setup step, you will then need to link these to the relevant employees together with the relevant monetary amounts.

Manual Updates

To add Employee Benefits & Allowances individually, you may do so by updating the relevant employee's Position History. It is necessary to first add your employees to Talexio before adding this additional information. Go to the relevant employee profile, select their Employment position and update their Remuneration package. 


Bulk Import Template

To upload Employee Benefits & Allowances in bulk, you may do this through the Onboarding Assistant. Click on the 'download template' button. An excel spreadsheet will be downloaded. This will need to be filled out based on your employees' remuneration package. To upload the template, simply save the file, go back to the Onboarding Assistant and select 'Upload'. 


The template features the following fields:

    • Employee Code: here, you need to input the employee code specified in the employee list upload (from the previous step). The employee code is used to map the benefit to the relevant employee. This is a mandatory field.
    • Benefit Code: this is the abbreviated benefit name (as inputted in the Benefits/Allowances Structure). If you do not know this by heart, you may click on the drop down menu or navigate to the third tab in the template:

    • Value: this relates to the annual monetary amount of the allowance. So, for example, let's say an employee will be receiving a monthly mobile allowance of €35. In the Value field, you will need to input €420 (€35 x 12 months). The annual amount will then be given to the employee as a monthly figure of €35 in each payroll (in the case of monthly payrolls).
    • Start Date/End Date: these fields are not mandatory. The benefits/allowances inputted will be mapped to the employee's employment position and be given to the employee over the duration of their employment. So, for example, an employee has a position from 01/01/2023 till 31/12/2023. The allowances/benefits applicable to this employee will be given over the duration of this employment. So there is no need to input a start date and end date for the benefits. 
      If, on the other hand, the employee is employed for the duration of 2023, but the allowance is only applicable for the second half of the

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