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Once you have finished setting up your company's Talexio account, added employees, and granted them the relevant permissions, you may wish to grant them access. There two ways of doing so - either individually, or in bulk.



To grant employees access, you will need the Manage All Employee Data permission set to global.



 To grant employees access to a single employee, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the People section and click on the relevant employee;
  2. Go to their dashboard;
  3. Click on the kebab menu (the 3 dots) in the profile image section;
  4. Click Invite to access HR system.
  5. The employee will receive an email to set up a password and activate their account


These steps may be repeated for multiple employees. To grant access in bulk, check out the next step:



To invite employees to Talexio in bulk:

  1. Go to the People section;
  2. Click on the More button at the top right hand side of your screen;
  3. Select Invite users to Talexio;
  4. Tick the employees you wish to invite (if you want to invite all, select the tick box at the top), and click on the right-pointed arrow. 
  5. The employees will move to the With Access column. Please note that at this point, they have not yet been invited.
  6. Click on Save. The system will then send them an invitational email to set up their password. 



Re-engaging a Terminated Employee

What if you terminated an employee in the past, and now want to re-engage him/her? The employee already has a profile on Talexio, do you need to send access again?

The answer is yes. When an employee is terminated, s/he automatically loses access to their Talexio account on the day of termination. What that means is that in a case where you re-employee the person, you will need to follow the steps above to re-send him/her user access on Talexio. 

For information on how to re-engage an employee on Talexio, click here


Changing an Employee's Work Email Address

What if an employee already has access to Talexio, but needs to change his/her Work Email Address? 

Well, in such a case, after the email address has been updated, you will need to resend an invite to the employee. 

Creating an Admin User

What if you need to add a user (who does not have a job position with the company but requires access to Talexio)?

In such a case, all you need to do is click on Add New Employee from within the People section and add the name, surname, and work email of the person requiring access. In the Access Level field, select Admin (or any other permission Access Level that might be required for the employee to have).

Then click Save Employee & Next, skip the Position History/Employment Step and click on Take me to profile. Then follow the steps above to invite the user to the system. 

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