Overtime and Extra Basic Hours

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Extra Basic Hours are used when the employee worked additional hours at a different hourly rate to their normal hourly rate (i.e. the hourly rate calculated from the salary in position history excluding adjustments and fringe benefits). It may also be used to differentiate Basic Hours from Extra hours worked at the same hourly rate, since this will show as a separate input in the payslip.


You will require the View/Manage All Employee Data, Manage Employee Position History and Manage Payroll permissions.

Extra Basic Hours in Payroll

Any hours added as Extra Basic Hours will be considered as part of the Basic Hours and therefore any pro-rata Government Bonus, C.O.L.A., SSC, and Tax are calculated accordingly. Extra Basic Hours are also added to the Basic Hours in the payslip calculation and added beneath the Basic Hours in the payslip.

Calculation: Number of hours worked * Hourly Rate * Rate (€)


To add Extra Basic Hours to a payslip:

  1. Go to the Payroll section;
  2. Select the relevant payroll by clicking on the roll number;
  3. Click on the relevant employee;
  4. Click Add Hours -> Basic Hours;
  5. By clicking the 'Basic Hours' toggle, you will be switching between overtime and Extra Basic hours;
  6. Input a name for the hours (for example: Sunday hours) and the number of hours that the employee should be paid (if you want to amend the hourly rate, you will need to untick the auto tick box;
  7. Click Calculate and then Save.


An employee may have more than one hourly rate saved in their position history. If so, you will need to select the relevant hourly rate when adding the hours. If you have the T&A module enabled you may also set up different work codes per hourly rate, in order for the hours clocked, to be automatically assigned to the relevant hourly rate in payroll.


Employees working over and above the standard hours as detailed in their Job Schedules may be entitled to Overtime. 

The different rates of working overtime hours can be found in the employee's employment section under Overtime & Extra Basic Hours.

By default, when creating a new employee, the rates are as follows:

  • Standard Overtime rate: 100%
  • Public Holiday Overtime rate: 100%
  • Saturday Overtime rate: 100%
  • Sunday Overtime rate: 100%
  • Public Holiday falling on a Sunday Overtime rate: 100%

Each of these can be amended. 


Specific Rates for Overtime

You may also specify hourly rates for overtime by clicking on the % sign and switching it to €. Then you can input the required hourly rate. You may also select the specify hourly rate switch: 

Please note that if you select a specific rate, this will not update with a change in basic salary. Such specific overtime rates would need to be manually amended for subsequent employee positions.

Such rates are default. However, when adding employees, they can be amended as necessary.