Why isn't my Booked Leave Showing in Payroll?

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Leave will automatically be added to employees' payslips if the Include in Payslip Calculations toggle in Leave Types is switched on for that leave type. However, the leave will only show in the payroll calculation if it was booked prior to the payroll being calculated. If the payroll was already calculated when the leave was booked, then the payslip would need to be refreshed. For more information on how to refresh payslips, click here.  



You need to ensure that you have the Manage Payroll permission if you want to generate payslips. To book and approve leave, you will need the Request Leave and Approve Leave permissions respectively.  

Adding Booked Leave to Payslip

  1. Go to the Payroll section;
  2. Go to the relevant employee in payroll list and click on their name;
  3. Click the Refresh button;
  4. Untick all the options except for Refresh Leave Data
  5. Click refresh. 


In the payslip dialog you will see leave that is linked to that month's payroll in the Leave Taken tab.