Payroll Errors and their meanings

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When calculating payroll for a particular period you may come across an error such as the below: 



To work out payroll you will need the Manage Payroll permission. It is important to have the Manage All Employee Data and 'Manage Employment Position History' permissions in order to fix potential errors, as we will see below:

Missing information from details page

    1. No tax status for Employee


      This error is shown when the employee's tax status is not set in their details page. To amend, click on the box next to the employee's name (this will take you to the employee's profile. Scroll down until you find tax status, select a status and save. Then go back to Payroll and refresh the payslip by clicking on the round arrow to the right. Alternatively, you may select the tick box on the left and refresh from the top of your page (using this method you may select multiple payslips). For more on refreshing, click here.


    2. SSC benefit rates not set for Employee

      This error is shown when the employee's SSC benefit status is not set in their details page. For information on what the SSC benefit status is, click here


    3. Cannot determine SSC benefit because Employee has no date of birth set


This means that that particular employee's date of birth has not been saved on Talexio. The date of birth is used to determine the employee's social security category. For information on the different categories, click here. 

To fix this, click on the box near the employee's name and add the date of birth to their details page.

Incorrect position data

Overlapping positions for period


This means that that particular employee has multiple position histories in their profile and the start or end date are overlapping.

These need to be amended so as not to be overlapping.

In this case, the employee's Employment shows the following:


You will either need to remove one of the positions, or else set one to finish on a day which is before the start date of the following one. 

Zero hours in Payroll

You may find a scenario where an employee's payslip is generated with zero hours. Unless the employee is a casual/irregular worker (and requires manual inputting of the hours worked in a payroll) then the hours should be pre-populated. This isn't an error, as such, but rather it points to the employee's job schedule being set up incorrectly. 

From job schedules, make sure that the job schedule in question includes fixed weekly hours and days. For more information on job schedules, click here. 

Other Errors

Other errors can come about from an incorrect set up. Examples include 'invalid interval' or 'invalid time value'. 


In such cases, kindly get in touch with our support team via chat and we will investigate the matter further.