Release Notes 22/04/2020

  • Updated



Payslip hours when booking a full month of leave

Please refer to the section “Calculating full month of leave” on this article.


Calculating payslips in bulk

New button to allow the user to add uncalculated payslips to the payroll then calculate all uncalculated payslips all at one go. Read more in the section “Calculating payslips in bulk” on this article.


Permanent Non-Resident Tax Rate

New Tax Rate added for permanent non residents. Read more here.



Leave accrual in leave pod

Users can now see the amount of leave accrued up until the end of the month on their Leave Balance pod. Read more here.

Sick Half Pay automation

A new entitlement and feature to automatically deduct Sick Half Pay based on the sick leave balance of the user. Read more here for how to set up this feature, if you company allows for Sick Half Pay.