Permissions: excluding rather than including

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What you can see and do on Talexio depends on the permissions you have in place. Your profile can be granted a set of permissions before you log in for the first time, and they can also be customised at a later stage. It is important to grant users the correct permissions before giving them access to Talexio. The below lists all the possible permissions. Although this might sound daunting, we've got you covered. Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up permissions. 



To be able to set permissions, you will need the Manage Permissions permission set on Global


When setting up permissions on a Unit level, you can exclude individuals. For example; You would like to give John Doe permission to Approve Leave of all the Admin except the HR Director. 

In such a case you may still give permission on the Unit level, but also set the exclusion for the specific employee. To do this, go to the Permissions section and locate/create the applicable permission. 

Click on +Add unit and add the unit for whom you want the user to use such permission (such as approve leave). 

In order to exclude an individual from a particular unit, the e
xclude option must be selected. In the below example, employee Andrew Caruana forms part of the Accounts unit. Employee Jane Doe is being given the Approve Leave permission for the Admin team except for Andrew Caruana and therefore would not be able to approve his leave.


For a list of all available permissions, click here