Enabling Time & Attendance for employees

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Whilst you are adding your employees to Talexio, you will need to determine which employees are eligible for time and attendance and which are not. You can read more about adding employees and creating their position. Please note that as administrators, this information can be changed from your end. So if during the year the requirement for an employee to use time and attendance changes, the setting can be changed. 



You need to ensure that you have the Manage employment position history permission as well as the View/Manage All employee data permission. 

Enabling Time & Attendance

To enable time and attendance on an employee's profile: 

  1. Go to the employee's profile
  2. Go to the Employment tab
  3. Click edit on the relevant position history
  4. Go to the Time & Attendance tab
  5. Toggle on the Enable Time & Attendance switch


Here, you will see other checkboxes: 

  • Enable Time & Attendance - This allows the employee to be eligible for creation of shifts and schedules via the Time & Attendance module. If this switch is disabled, the employee will not show up in drop downs within the T&A module. 
  • Hide from approval step - This allows the employee to punch in/out but excludes them from approval of time clockings. 
  • Auto populate any approved basic hours into payslip - This allows any approved time logs to be added to payroll. If this is switched off, the basic hours shown on the payslip will be based on the job schedule hours rather than any approved clockings. This will impact payroll.
  • Auto populate any approved overtime hours into payslip - This allows any approved overtime to be added to payroll. If this is switched off, any overtime approved in T&A will not be added to the payslip. This will impact payroll.
  • Clocks out for break - This identifies whether the employee clocks out for break or not. If they do not, the unpaid break portion of their clockings will be deducted on Review & Approve stage.
  • Use fixed job schedule hours limit - During approval, any basic hours that exceed the job schedule fixed weekly hours for the week of any given shift will be calculated as overtime by default.
  • Use personalised rotation - this can be used to set up a personalised rotation for the employee. Click here for more information.