Publishing the Working Schedule

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Once you have populated the Working Schedule section with your employees' shifts, you will need to publish the shifts to be connected to the clockings made by the employee.



To make use of this section, you will need the 'Manage Time and Attendance Settings' and 'Manage T&A Working Schedules' permissions.


Publishing the Working Schedule

Once your schedule is generated, it will be displayed in an Unpublished state. In an Unpublished state, the information is not visible to the employees. You may share it with your employees by publishing it which also gives you the option to generate and email notification to the employees.

To publish your generated schedule, click on the Publish Changes button on the Working Schedule. You can turn on the switch to send the shift information to the employees by email. (1).gif


Please note that the employee must have a work email address saved on their profile in order to receive such email notifications.

When you are publishing the Working Schedule, the dialog will be based on the filters you have shown at the time. As such you can publish for specific employees, departments or for everyone if the filters show this. Otherwise you can remove the filtered information in the dialog box to expand what needs to be published.