Release Notes 23/02/2021

Talexio Support
Talexio Support
  • Updated


    • Ability for employees to generate their own leave report.
    • Leave report now features a split between paid and unpaid leave booked.
    • Ability to make leave types available only to certain countries - useful for multinational organisations.
    • Support for longer text comments when booking leave requests.


    • Termination workflow - terminations now will close access to the terminated users on termination date rather than immediately when the termination process is initiated. You can always choose to manually revoke system access immediately from the employee’s dashboard.
    • Permission management - now you can assign permissions to multiple employees at one go.
    • Bug fix - speed improvement when navigating from one employee profile to another. 
    • Bug fix - resolving an error with the delete employee function when certain data is available.
    • Employee dropdown in calendar view now excludes terminated employees.
    • Employee bulk upload - fixing a small issue with validation of citizenship and nationality.



    • Introducing an option to exclude particular individuals from any Payroll runs; simply select payroll frequency as ‘Never’ in the employment section. This is a useful feature for companies having sub-contracted employees who should feature in the HR list but not in payroll.


    • Introducing Stand-by’ type of shift. Useful for tracking and scheduling on-call or stand-by shifts.
    • Automatic splitting of time log entries if they span more than one shift.
    • Improving the time entry fields when creating shifts or shift templates - we have removed the sliders in favour of simple inputs.
    • Support for uploading clockings using DAT format. This format is useful when uploading a USB export from our Punch Clocks. Useful when a network connection is not available at the punch clock location.
    • The filters in the Scheduler view are now automatically collapsed to leaving more space for the schedule.
    • Work codes are now supported in Time Tracking. Work codes allow you to attach different rates to different timings. Contact our support team if you would like to enable work codes on your Talexio punch clock devices.