Release Notes 08/04/2021

Talexio Support
Talexio Support
  • Updated


  • New calendar week view on the dashboard
  • Improved notification styling on the dashboard for better visibility
  • Organisation structure diagram now shows employees according to when their start date is set.
  • Links for checklists in email notifications now open directly into the relevant checklist.
  • Company Announcements will now track who has viewed them. This will allow you to measure engagement. Views are only visible to people with the Manage Announcements permission.
  • Announcements page now allows the user to view all past announcements.
  • New shortcuts to our help centre next from the top right corner of any page.



  • Introducing multiple leave approval. You can now specify when some leave requests require approval of more than one person.
  • Fix to prevent people from booking unpaid leave when they run out of their leave balance. This is a new setting in Leave Types page.
  • Visual improvement to the Leave Types settings page to make it cleaner and easier to use. A new “More” menu had been added, to group additional functionality.
  • Minor tweaks to ‘Leave Report’ generation popup.
  • Leave request email now includes the Leave Type in the subject so you can quickly identify any urgent requests.
  • When the scheduler is being used, full day leave now gets the correct number of leave hours based on the shift length.
  • Speed improvement to generation of leave reports.


Training management

  • Minor tweaks to some training reports.
  • Ability to group qualifications by Level.


Time and Attendance

  • Introducing a new feature for configuration of Lateness Penalties.
  • Allow managers (or people with the relevant permission) to punch in for their team members when necessary.
  • New shift allowance - fixed amount. This is reflected as an adjustment in payroll.
  • Approvals just got easier! You can now create approval blocks in bulk and immediately have them approved.
  • When a shift exists and leave is booked for that person on that day, leave hours deducted will be of the same duration as the shift length. 
  • Automated email notification for online punches which have been going on for longer than 8 hours.
  • Online punch clock now shows an active timer in the browser tab for better visibility of an ongoing timer.
  • The Timesheet Report can now include ‘broken clockings’, and a date range selection.
  • Improvements to loading time.



  • Rounding of values on the FS5
  • New helpful warnings when generating payslips to flag any changes related to adjustments
  • When work codes are used, the Special Rate description will now consist of the relevant work code for better visibility.
  • New tooltip clarifying what the Overtime Concession checkbox does.
  • Net to gross functionality.