Release Notes 11/05/2021

  • Updated


  • Documents are now categorised automatically into folders in the employee Document sections. This update comes in preparation for the roll-out of our new data retention controls. You might also be interested in the Company Resources feature.
  • General restructure of action buttons and menus. We now have one clearly coloured primary action on every view and standardised button controls.



  • New and improved Payroll Reporting
    • Aggregate payroll reports by date range
    • Select which fields show within the report
  • Improvements in the Net-to-Gross functionality.


Time and Attendance

  • Employees can now also request swaps for OFF and REST days.
  • Minor bug fixes to the bulk approval mechanism and multiple shifts on the same day.
  • New report Timesheets Totals Report which includes public holidays, leave, rounded time log information. 


Training Management


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