Release Notes 16/06/2021

  • Updated


  • Added functionality to set documents as hidden from employees after they have been uploaded; 
  • Overtime rates set to default on creation of a new employee position history; 
  • Financial details field in the Employee details section has been expanded for better visibility. 



  • Book leave button made more prominent.



  • On generation of the bank  Payment File, validations in line with bank requirements were added, to warn  payroll admins of any potential amendments that need to be done prior to sending the file to the bank; 
  • Warning appears on payslip of employees taxed under 15% PT tax rate when 10K income is exceeded; 
  • Public Holidays appear separately in the payslip dialog, but appear under basic hours in the payslip if they are earned at the same rate as the rest of the basic hours. 
  • The Opt In tick box for overtime concession tax rate in the Employment section is automatically switched on for new employees.

Time and Attendance

  • Improvement to shift views: unpublished shifts have a semi-transparent background to differentiate them from published shifts; 
  • Working Schedule can be exported as a visual roster with work location colours; 
  • Scheduler now includes filter for Work Location; 
  • In the Clockings page, an edit button was added next to each time-log;
  • In Work Locations setup, a new search field was added, to make it easier to search for and select work locations;
  • Location field added to Approved Timesheets Report;
  • Option to view the location of a shift in the Working Schedule; 
  • In the Working Schedule, Night shifts show on both days if they overlap to the next day; 
  • Interface of bulk approve dialog in the Review & Approve Section improved to be more user friendly;
  • When using the online punchclock, employees with multiple work codes can select the relevant work code;
  • Filter added in the clockings section to view broken clockings;
  • Button added in the Review & Approve page that takes the user to the specific clockings of an employee.


  • Country filter available in reports




  • Soft delete function implemented for Positions, Units, Employees, Cost centres, Benefits, Template documents & work codes. 


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