Viewing Configured Shifts on the Working Schedule

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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The Working Schedule shows the roster (or schedule) of all relevant employees. Their schedule can be based either on a fixed job schedule or else a roster is generated every so often and presented to the employee in advance, prior to their shifts. The Advanced Filter "Show Configured Shifts" allows you to see in the Working Schedule the configured shifts for the employees, without generating a schedule.



To make use of this section, you will need the 'Manage Time and Attendance Settings' and 'Manage T&A Working Schedules' permissions.

Show Configured Shifts Filter

To show Configured Shifts, go to the Working Schedule and in the Advanced Filters select Show Configured Shifts and Show Employees Without Schedule. Then the fixed pattern for the employee(s) will load automatically (displayed with a lower opacity than others). 
Configured Shifts.jpg


Scheduler Section

Such Configured Shifts have a number of features: 

  • they are displayed with lower opacity in the scheduler, differentiating them from unpublished shifts;
  • they can still be edited;
  • in cases where a shift already exists on a day where there is a fixed pattern, the pre-existing shift will always take priority;
  • in cases where employees are on a full day of leave, fixed patterns are not shown; 
  • in cases where the fixed pattern falls outside the employee's schedule, this is not shown. 

Review & Approve Section

  • In cases where there isn't a pre-existing shift in place, clockings will be displayed as an unlinked time log;

  • After clicking on ''Add Approval BlockÔÇť, the system will check for any fixed patterns and create the shift with all the shift template settings applied (i.e., any rounding, lateness penalties, allowances, etc.) so that users can approve the hours.