Release Notes 03/08/2021

  • Updated
  • HR

    • New search function in Positions Tab in the settings section, allowing users to locate and edit specific roles quicker;
    • Checklists are now sorted alphabetically by default and are being grouped by checklist template;
    • Introduced better password rules - the system will enforce a stronger level of complexity when users are setting up their password;
    • Added a new checkbox in the Overtime & Special rates tab in the Employment Position section to add additional leave entitlement when employees work on public holidays
    • Improvements to the Announcements section. Namely the introduction of a global toggle switch, a new email notification toggle, the possibility of attaching documents and categorising them in the documents section.


    • New functionality added in the Leave Types section, for the booking of accrued leave only. Enabling this option will restrict users to booking only the accrued leave balance (i.e. leave accrued up to the end of the current month) rather than their full year leave entitlement. 


    • Special characters in employee names are now accepted without causing errors when generating a payment file;
    • Improved accuracy of the hourly rate for clocked hours on the payslip by displaying up to four decimal points;
    • Introduced the locking of individual  payslips in a payroll;
    • Small user interface improvements on payslip pdf export. 
    • Generation of a test payment SEPA file is now available before generating the main file;

    Time and Attendance

    • The unpaid break duration for shifts falling over two days can now be deducted from a specific portion of the relevant day;  
    • Introduced a new button in bulk shift approval to switch all basic hours to overtime and vice versa;
    • Rounding of clockings is now available on both the single and bulk approval steps;
    • Clocked hours are now displayed next to each individual shift in the bulk approval screen;
    • Introduced an option to view details (read-only) for published shifts in scheduler;
    • Overnight shifts in bulk approve are now split daily. 


    • A new field titled Session Name has been introduced in the bulk upload attendance template to facilitate the upload of courses;
    • New columns (employee competencies and qualifications) added in the qualifications and competencies report export;
    • External tutor name and surname fields added to session scheduler.  


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