Release Notes 19/08/2021

Talexio Support
Talexio Support
  • Updated


  • Improvements on filter selection in the People section. Upon adding new users, you will now immediately be able to see them in the people list thanks to the new default filters..



  • We have removed the minimum leave booking time of 15 minutes. Employees can now book leave for any duration of time. Please reach out to us if you require more info or clarification on this change.
  • User interface for leave bookings updated on mobile view. A tooltip for weekends and public holidays is now included.



  • Leave payoff in the payslip dialog is now set to vacation leave by default. 
  • Remaining leave balance on the payslip now includes the accrued leave balance when the Accrued Only toggle is enabled in Leave Types.
  • Overtime rates can now also be set as a specific hourly rate rather than a percentage increase on the basic hourly rate.
  • Payroll period date, pay date and clocking period are now included in the ‘Additional hours’ report.
  • Different basic rates can be assigned to employees when working a public holiday and they are on shift, versus when they are not on shift but still get paid for the public holiday.  
  • Payment report can be downloaded by payment type (direct credit, manual, or both).

Time and attendance

  • Improved rotation pattern schedule generation, to ignore days that fall outside the working schedule.
  • Shift swaps requested by employees, may now be approved by the employee with whom the swap is being requested, through the request section, prior to this swap being accepted by their manager.
  • Update to the timesheets totals report, to include specific hours that fall on Sundays and public holidays.
  • Shift allowances can now be given pro-rata over the hours clocked in. 
  • Improved performance in the Scheduler section of Time & Attendance. Loading time is 50% faster.

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