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If you have the Time & attendance module enabled, you may use Talexio's online punch clock to punch in and out of work every day. 




To use the online punch clock, you will need the Online Punch Clock permission. This must be set to self, so that you are able to punch in for yourself. 

How to use

Your online punch clock can be found in two different places:

  • on your dashboard;
  • in the Time & Attendance section.

You can punch in and out from both sections. Follow the below steps to learn how to punch in/out:

Punching in through your dashboard

The first thing you will see upon logging in to your Talexio account is your dashboard.  

Click on the green online punch clock to start the timer. 

To punch out, simply click on the red punch clock. Your time will be logged into the system for approval. You do not need to leave Talexio open throughout the time your punch clock is running. The clock will not stop until you press on the red stop button. 

Punching in through Time & Attendance

Alternatively, you may punch in and out through the online punch clock in the Time & Attendance section:

If your profile has work codes set up, then you will be prompted to select one. You may also click on close to start the timer without the work code. 


To punch out, simply click on the red button. Your clocking will be saved on Talexio. 

To view all your clockings you will need the View Time Clockings permission set to self. 

Punch Clock Settings

You will notice that your Online Punch Clock has a settings button:

Clicking on this gives you the option to switch the below two settings on/off:

  • Notify me when the timer exceeds 13 hours: By turning this on, you will get an email notifying you that your online punch clock is still running (when the clockings exceed 13 hours). This is done to notify you in case you forgot to punch out. Please note that Admins can change the 13 hours to another amount by going to Settings and scrolling down to T&A. The field Override default long-clocking notification can be amended to a different number:

  • Use my personal email for notifications: By turning this option on, the email notification will be sent to your personal email address (if you don't know what this is, go to your dashboard and click on personal details. You will find your personal email address in the Residence fields). If this option is unticked, the email notification will be sent to your work email address. 

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