Release Notes 16/09/2021

  • Updated


  • Improved filters in the Requests section. Users with the necessary permissions can now search for “Employee Payroll Changes” within the Historical Activity section. This feature is useful for payroll admins as it allows them to view a history of all the changes made to employee details, and which have an impact on payroll.
  • Users can now see cost centres in the people list if they have ‘view/manage all employee data’ or ‘view/manage all position history data’
  • We've improved the look and feel of announcements! The new full page article style makes it easier to read with improved fonts, headings and layout.



  • Newly added individual signatory fields for FS3, FS4, FS5 & FS7. These forms can now be assigned to different people within the company for signatures. This feature can be set up from Settings > Payroll.
  •  A new checkbox has been added to the refresh payslip dialogue, which allows any manual adjustments to remain saved upon refresh of the payslip.
  • Added a new "Group by" option for department in the payroll report export dialog. Each department is listed one after the other and if multiple payrolls are selected they are populated in a new page.


Time and Attendance

  • Improvement in the way shift rotation patterns are set. The rotation pattern can now be allocated on an employee level, together with the start of the rotation pattern.  . 
  • Improvement in the generation of rosters which are set on a rotation pattern, where the last day within the rotation pattern is identified, and the pattern is automatically carried on for the date duration set. 
  • New feature added to the shift template section where users can pre-set overtime shifts in the roster. 


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