Release notes 15/12/2021

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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This marks our last release for 2021, and what a year it has been! First off, we would like to thank you, our clients and all users, for your continuous trust and feedback. Without you, we would not have been able to maintain the regularity of these improvements as well as receive the Best Cloud-Based Solution award.

We promise to continue striving to improve individual and organisational wellbeing around the entire employer-worker relationship, and to continue to support you, every step of the way.

One particular beneficiary of your continued feedback is Time and Attendance. This module has now evolved into an advanced Time Tracking and Scheduling solution, which caters for both simple and also more complex configurations. The ‘new Review and Approve’ section has now graduated to completely replace the older version - we are confident this will make your process easier. 



  • In this last release of the year, we have introduced the means for account admins to specify a list of ‘Exclusive’ permissions.  This exclusivity  introduces a new layer of additional safety controls to  prevent assignments of certain permissions at a very high level - even in situations where a user has permission to allocate permissions. Speak to us for a demo on how this works and how it can be implemented in your company.
  • We have introduced a new permission titled “Assign roles”. People with this permission will be able to grant access only from a list of specific roles to new joiners in the organisation - without necessarily having access to change permissions.
  • We have done improvements to the overall system performance through optimisation of more reports and bulk jobs. This will allow users to work more efficiently.


  • We have now introduced a date range filter in the leave report creation window. This will allow you to create the report you need without having to visit the 'list view' section.


  • We have now introduced a new setting that allows payroll users to save the one-time password for bank payment files. We continue making use of  the two-factor authentication to ensure safe usage of this feature. 
  • An improved workflow on adding employees to payroll has been introduced. Payroll users now have clearer functionalities on employee selection and payslip calculations as well as the option to hide terminated employees from the displayed list.
  • Bulk upload for overtime & special rates now includes a new column that allows payroll users to include a label to their entry.
  • We have introduced a new checkbox during Payroll report creation that allows the use of the latest cost centre data. This will also reflect in the report if a payroll is locked.


  • We have improved course reports and added extra columns for better data analysis.

End of year

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