Improved CDM capabilities

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What is CDM? CDM is the Cloud Device Manager that allows you to manage your clockings and device. 

On login, users are welcome with a stats column that displays the number of healthy and unhealthy devices as well as daily employee records, both attendees and punches. 

FTP synchronization information, which is the method with which data is synced into the main Talexio HR platform, is also available. This information is not relevant if your punch clock devices are not linked to Talexio HR.

Below is the updated dashboard stats section with an explanation on each counter.


Today's punches

This will display the number of employee records on all the synchronized punch clocks. Note that if a device is listed as unhealthy, its records will not be accounted for.

Today's attendees

This displays the number of employees that have had any punches today. Note that an employee recording both a check in and check out will only be counted once. 

Healthy / Unhealthy devices

These counters show healthy and unhealthy devices - meaning that the devices have an internet connection and are currently able to reach the cloud device manager. Kindly click here if one of your devices is marked as unhealthy.

FTP sync

This will display the time of the last uploaded data from your punch clock devices to Talexio HR. Note, this is only relevant to users that have punch clock devices linked to Talexio HR. 

Device offline email notification

On each device we have included a new email field that allows users to add an email address to be notified if that specific device has been offline for 30 minutes.