Release Notes 09/05/2022

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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9th May 2022



Your feedback 👍

  • We take the feedback we receive from our ongoing user surveys very seriously. In this release we have addressed a few salient themes from your submissions, including the following:

    • We have introduced help icons in the Leave section of Talexio to further explain terminology such as 'Accrued Leave Balance'.
    • We have improved various views to make Talexio more accessible on mobile phones.



But without any further ado, here are the highlights from this release!

  • Your employees can now request allowances! 
  • You can now include “same day shifts” into a personalised rotation pattern!
  • Payroll users can now upload “Additional hours” in bulk without having to specify a date!


So what's new on Talexio?

Allowance Requests 📊

  • We have introduced “Allowance Requests” in Talexio. If configured for use by your employees, they will be able to request allowances in the form of Kilometres, Quantity, Monetary, or specific Time ranges. Through an approval process, allowances can also be included directly into payroll. Click here to find out more!


Time tracking and Scheduler updates ⏲️

  • We've made it possible to include “same day shifts” into a personalised rotation pattern. This is done via the edit screen of the personalised rotation pattern and when new shifts are added, employee positions will automatically update. Click here to find out more about this feature and tell us what you think!

  • It is now also possible to add new shifts to pre-existing shift rotation patterns. 
  • We have improved how data is handled in the filters section. Data displayed is now based on T&A permissions. Department selection has also been upgraded and is now handling multiple selections. This is also based on set permissions. 


  • We have made visual improvements to the single approve clocking dialog for better visibility of the splits between basic hours, overtime and night shifts. 

Payroll updates 💶

  • Payroll users are now able to upload “Additional hours” in bulk without having to specify a date in the bulk import template. If you do not add the date of additional time worked by employees, then the system will automatically assign this time to the standard overtime hourly rate specified in the employee's current position. Specifying a date remains important if you want to select the applicable rate for that date (like Sundays, public holidays, etc..).
  • Benefits now include the option to be pro-rated. With this enabled, when such benefits are added to a payroll, automatically, such adjustments will be calculated according to the included basic hours and deducted in case of unpaid leave. If this setting is disabled, the benefit is added in full.

  • The adjustment report from payroll now includes the option to specify which adjustments are included.
  • The XLSX version of the payroll report now includes a separate breakdown for different currencies being used in payroll.

Bank file reminder ⚠️

  • Reminder: In order to generate a bank file, the employees on the payroll will need to have their 'country of residence' field (in their details page) filled in. If you need help to populate these fields in bulk, kindly contact us on or use the onboarding assistant

HR 🏢

  • The lead time for scheduling and dispatching announcements has been reduced. This will allow you to schedule email notification to employees in a shorter time span.
  • The layout and text of our daily leave email updates has been improved. 

Performance 📈

  • A new field for a description has been introduced in the criteria section. This is useful to have better clarity on what each of your performance evaluation criteria represents.


In case you missed it, here are the previous release notes.


Helpful Articles 📖

Each month we will be assessing your most common queries and providing you with articles containing detailed explanations. This month's helpful articles are: 


Webinars 📺

In case you missed our webinars, here is a link to the leave session and here is a link to the performance management session. We will hosting more webinars in the future, so keep an eye out for the next one! We will communicate the sessions and dates via email.


Until next time! 👋

In the meantime, if you're new to Talexio, we'd recommend our Help Centre. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with one of our support agents via chat. And should you wish to ask a question, feel free to drop us an email on