Automated Checklists for Specified Leave Types

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Talexio Tech-Support
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Automated checklists will trigger a specified checklist template. An owner will be pre-set through the same setting in order to be notified when tasks are completed.

Asking employees to upload sick leave certificates is a common  example.

For information on how to create checklists, click here



To be able to set automated checklists, you will need the Manage leave types permission. This needs to be set on global.

Setting up automated checklists


Go to the Leave Types tab in the Leave section and click on More. From the list of options, select Configure Checklist Rule.


A new dialog will appear:


  1. Checklist trigger: This specifies which consecutive day of the specified leave type will trigger the specified checklist template.
  2. Allowable days: This specifies until what date will the checklist remain available for the subject to be complete.
  3. Template: This is the checklist template that will be triggered.
  4. Checklist owner: The checklist owner will be be the person notified when the tasks by the subject have been complete.

How it works

When an employee books the leave type where the checklist rule is configured, the same process of our checklists will commence.

The employee that books the leave will receive an automated email with tasks to be completed.


When complete, the employee specified in the "Checklist owner" field will receive a notification email.