Additional Leave Type Permissions

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Leave types are the specific settings and permissions relating to the different types of leave applicable to your company (such as Vacation, sick, parental, study leave, injury leave, etc..). Each leave type has its own granular permissions.


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To set up and manage Leave Types, you will require the Manage Leave Types permission. To amend the Leave Type permissions, you will also need the Manage Permissions permission. Both need to be set to global. You will also need View or Manage All Employee Data to give/revoke leave permissions to specific employees.

The ability to request any type of leave is dependent on the Request Leave permission.

The ability to approve any type of requested leave is dependent on the Approve Leave permission. 

Click here for information on these permissions.

Leave Types

For a detailed explanation on how to manage and add Leave Types, click here

Additional Leave Type Permissions

Allowing users to request a Leave Type

The setting Allow users to request dictates what Leave Types are allowed to be requested by employees. They will need to have the Request Leave permission which will dictate who they can request leave for. Please note that if this is switched off, Admins may still book this Leave Type. 


In the above example, users can only book Vacation leave. The other leave types can be inputted by the admin.


Restricting who can Request/Approve Leave Types

Talexio allows these permissions to be used in a granular way so that even when the setting Allow users to request is on, this can be restricted to certain employees for each leave type. To view or manage each leave type's permissions, click on the more menu next to the leave type and click on Manage Permissions. Here you can choose who will be able to Request/Approve for this Leave Type, even if they have the "Request Leave" and/or "Approve Leave" permissions:


What is the difference between a tick box and a dash?

What is the difference between a tick box and a dash?

By default, if an employee has Request Leave permission and Allow Users to request is switched on, the employee will have a blue box with a dash. 

If you want to grant this permission specifically to an employee(s), simply click on the dash and it will turn into a tick:


You will need to click on the box of each employee for whom you want to give specific leave request permission for a leave type.

To revoke leave request permission for an employee for a leave type, click on the tick box until it is empty:


Grey boxes appear where the employee does not have Request Leave permission. 


Please note that the same applies for the Approve Leave permission. 


An employee who does not have Approve Leave permission cannot be granted approval permission on  a leave type until they are granted the Approve Leave permission in the permissions section:



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