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Permissions determine what you can and cannot see/do on Talexio. It is important to set these up correctly. Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up permissions. Click here for the full list of available permissions. Read on for an explanation on the permissions relating to Checklists. Checklist permissions primarily target what you can see and do in the Checklists section.


To set up and manage permissions, you will need the Manage Permissions permission, and this must be set to global. 

Checklists Permissions

There are 2 permissions in this section:

Checklist Permissions.jpg

  • This allows the users to access the Templates tab in the Checklists section and create, edit, and delete checklists templates. Such templates can then be assigned to other users to complete. To assign checklist templates to users for completion, the user would need the Manage Checklists permission (more on this below). The Manage Checklist Template permission only allows the user to create templates.

    Please note that this permission must be set on Global.


    For more information on Checklist Templates, click here


  • This allows the user to access the Checklists section and create and assign checklists. You may also assign a checklist template to a user, even if you do not have the Manage Checklist Template permission (please note that you will need this permission to add, edit, and delete templates). 

    You will also need View/Manage All Employee Data to assign a checklist to an employee.


    With these permissions (Manage Checklists and View/Manage All Employee Data), you will be able to access employees from the People section and navigate to each employee's Checklist tab. From here you will have access to the checklists assigned to that employee.


    For more information on how to create Checklists, click here

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