What happens if my Leave Balance finishes?

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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If you have the Leave module, then your employees (who have an active job position on Talexio) will have a leave balance. Different leave types have different leave balances, and each employee may have a different balance depending on their job schedule, their start date, and how much leave, if any, was carried forward from the previous year. But what happens if an employee's leave balance runs out?


First and foremost, to set up a leave type, you will need the Manage Leave Types permission to set up leave types and their relevant settings. Please note that this needs to be set on global. You will also need the Request Leave permission to book leave. 


Booking Unpaid Leave

Let's take the below example. Marija has 16 hours of vacation leave left:


Marija wants to book 20 hours of leave:


As can be seen in the above GIF, Marija cannot book leave because her balance has run out. In order to book leave, she will need to remove the leave entry that spills over her remaining 16 hours of leave:


But why couldn't Marija book unpaid leave?

There is a setting in the Leave Types that will allow employees to book unpaid leave:


Please note that you will need the Manage Leave Types permission on global to enable/disable this.

Once Allow Unpaid is enabled, Marija will be able to book 20 hours of leave, even though she has a 16 hour balance (16 hours will be full pay, and the remaining 4 of the hours will be unpaid):



Approving Unpaid Leave

Let's say you are Marija's leave approver. Once you receive Marija's leave request and open up Talexio to approve her leave, you will see a warning at the bottom of your screen informing you of the unpaid leave you are going to approve. 


Marija's balance will show 0 hours of Vacation leave remaining:


Booking Unpaid Leave as an Admin

Let's say you are the Talexio Admin and you are going to book Marija's 20 hours of vacation leave. Let us also assume that the Allow Unpaid switch in the leave types is switched off, meaning that Marija cannot book unpaid leave. But what can the admin do in this case?

As you can see from the below GIF, the admin's rights (having Request Leave and Approve Leave permissions on the same employee(s) override the unpaid setting: 


Please note that the above applies to all leave types.