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Release Notes 29/09/2022

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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29th September 2022

Here's what’s new with Sprint 13



⚡ Highlights from this release 

  • Employee avatars in the T&A Scheduler are now clickable!
  • We have added “Payslip Remarks” in the adjustments bulk import template.
  • We have enhanced our Organisational chart export!


💪🏼Your Feedback Matters 

  • Employee avatars in the T&A Scheduler are now clickable! Users with View basic profile plus Manage T&A working schedule permissions can jump straight to employee profiles. 


  • In the Performance Management module, we have introduced a new shortcut to employee documents. Users can upload information on Performance reviews prior to using Talexio and access them easily. Talexio users can also download employee performance reports and include them in this section so employees are able to follow their progression.




So what's new on Talexio?

💻 HR

  • We have enhanced our Organisational chart export! This is now downloaded as a PNG file which gives a more stable outcome and a smaller file size especially with larger company structures.


💶 Payroll

  • Hour columns in the payroll report are now displayed in 4 decimal places. This gives better accuracy on calculations.
  • We have added a new field titled “Payslip Remarks” in the adjustments bulk import template. This offers payroll users the ability to add a note to any adjustment included in the file. When used, the note will be displayed in the employee’s payslip. More information can be found here


  • The bulk upload process for “Adjustments” and “Additional hours” has been moved to a background job. This means the process will be more stable and reliable.


⏲️ Time and Attendance 

  • We have enhanced how geolocation information is fetched when using Talexio’s online punch clock. T&A users can also view the location accuracy of a clocking, when hovering over a geolocation. 


✈️ Leave

  • The “Upload leave taken” process has been moved to a background job. This offers a more stable and reliable process and improves overall system performance.


📖 Helpful Articles 

Each month we take a look back at some of the common queries to highlight some of our articles that you might find useful:


📺 Webinars

We will soon be announcing our next webinar subject and date, so keep an eye out! We will communicate this via email.

In case you want to check out any of the webinars we've hosted, here is a link to our webinar recordings. 


📞 Change in Number!

Please note that we have changed our support line number. For any queries, you may now contact us on +35622588025 or +35622588003.



In case you missed them, here are our previous release notes.


👋 Until next time!

To help us improve these and other features, please let us know what you think using the feedback section. You can also send your suggestions via support chat or email to We encourage you to also leave us comments in the ‘Your Feedback’ button from the main menu which shows up every 90 days. We really appreciate the time you take to help Talexio be a better HR software. We also encourage you to check out the Support Help Centre!