Linking your HR account to your ATS account

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If you have both the ATS module and the HR module on Talexio, these accounts can be merged. Once merged, a candidate who is marked as Appointed (chosen for the role) on the ATS module, will be automatically created as an employee in the HR module.



1. Linking your accounts

2. Migrating appointed candidates to HR




1. Linking your accounts

To link your ATS and HR accounts, start off by clicking on your username at the top of your HR account.

Select "Link ATS Account".


Next, add the domain (URL) of the backend portal of your ATS account. Should you have trouble with locating this, please reach out to us on


Once the link is done, a toggle will start showing at the bottom left of your HR account. You will be able to switch between accounts from this Please allow 15 minutes for this HR/ATS toggle to start showing.


2. Migrating appointed candidates to HR

On your ATS module, select the relevant application status to mark the employee as Appointed and tick the checkbox to "Proceed with HR onboarding". At this point you may also send an email to the candidate, then click Save.


If you are not logged in to your HR account, you will be required to login at this point. Once you log in, the candidate would be created as a new employee.


Once the action is done, on the HR module, the below dialog will load, in order to create the candidate as an employee. At this stage, the following options are available as part of the process of creating the employee profile:

Note: Please make sure that the Create Employee permission is granted on the HR portal, in order to have the above dialog show up.


Click Finalise onboarding to complete the process.


Please note that the linked ATS account should only be used for the purpose of migrating appointed candidates to the HR module as new employees. The management of vacancies and candidates should be done on the separate ATS account (not the linked account).