Release notes 23/08/2023

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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⚡ Release highlights

✔ As detailed in our last update, the much-anticipated user experience improvements for the Time & Attendance module are finally here.
✔ More detailed employee leave information when approving requests
✔ Geolocation radius can be set as low as 0.05km

✔ Check out this video about our recently refreshed Support Center.



⏲️Time and attendance

We are delighted to announce that we have just launched a major upgrade to the Time & Attendance module. 

  • This project has been long in the making and was first announced in the What’s New section back in January 2023.

  • In our last update we shared a video with all the details of what improvements you should expect.

  • This update brings significant user experience improvements to roster management and the review and approval step.

  • The primary change consists of the consolidation of the two menu items “Time Tracking” and “Scheduler” into one item called “Time & Attendance”

  • Changes include  an improved interface, a smoother review and approval flow, and easier rostering. It is also simpler to manage the editing of clockings.

  • We encourage you to take a look at the Time & Attendance section in our Help Centre for detailed information on the current changes.


The Geolocation minimum radius for Work locations has been lowered to 0.05km.This only affects the users who are able to change this setting.

The online punch clock default notification for long-clockings can now be overridden for your organisation. Previously, whenever employees forgot to punch out after 13 hours, an email notification was sent to the employee's personal email address. Following this release, Admins can amend the time period by when employees receive the notification. This can be set by going to the Settings section and scrolling down to T&A. Here, there is a new toggle called Override default long-clocking notification. Admins may change the time here.


The email that gets sent to employees upon publishing a working schedule now also includes information about the work location assigned to each shift.



💶 Payroll

We have added a payroll warning when an employee reaches pensionable age and NI is no longer deducted on the payslip.

We have added some foreign bank accounts to the payment report.

Bulk warnings for payrolls with 600+ employees are now shown as a downloaded file either with the failed adjustments or successful ones.




✈️ Leave

The 'other people on leave' leave approval popup has been improved to give more prominence to people in the same unit as the leave being approved.





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