Release notes 04/10/2023

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Talexio Tech-Support
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Release highlights

📋 New reports in both Payroll & Leave modules.

✔ Longer running reports will now send you an email notification when they are complete - avoiding the need to wait.

💡 The employee documents section got a facelift.

✉ We have introduced new account quota-related notifications.



🙆‍♀️ HR

  • The employee currency now has its own column on the people’s page. This can also be saved to existing report templates as well as exported with single reports.
  • The employee documents section now looks better!


    • Documents are now automatically sorted by the last submission date so you can find the newest documents immediately.
    • Payslips and FS3s have better names based on the pay date.
    • Search now finds files in any folder.
    • Icons have been introduced based on the different file types.
  • Reports are now received in your inbox after generating! When issuing a report that takes longer than 2 minutes to generate, an email will be sent to the user’s inbox with a direct link making report generation more convenient.
  • Employee virtual cards now include the company name. Find out more about this feature here.
  • We have added “Relative” as an option in the emergency contact list.
  • Users with permission to create new employees will now be notified if their account has reached the user quota. This does not prevent you from adding users but simply gives you a heads-up of any monthly additional licenses. A one-time email is sent in such situations for your information and records.



✈️ Leave

  • We have added a new leave balances report that allows our users to download their employee balances as of the set date.


  • The employee and department filters in the Leave calendar now support multi-select. Users can select multiple employees and departments simultaneously, making finding their required information faster and more efficient.


  • We have improved the leave taken bulk upload. This now considers any shifts booked on the day of leave for employees who have Time and attendance enabled.



⏲️ Time & Attendance

  • We have added the functionality allowing T&A users to add shift allowances at the approval stage, not just when creating or editing a shift.



💵 Payroll

  • We have streamlined the look and feel of filters and actions on the main payroll screen.


  • We have added a new “Quick export” report in payroll! This report provides the information you see on the main payroll screen and is significantly faster than other reports.
  • The XLSX version of the payroll report now includes a new tab with more information. This includes the pay date, leave and clocking periods.
  • Payslip PDFs now open in a separate tab when being generated from the payslip dialog. This will give payroll users more flexibility as well as allow them to continue working within the same tab while the payslip loads.



👩‍🎓 Training

  • All training reports can now be downloaded without the constraints of a specific time period. Users can now explore a larger set of data and gain a comprehensive understanding of patterns that may not be apparent when restricted to predefined time frames.



🙌 Change requests and Leave approvals

  • We have added a number of improvements to the list of pending change requests.


    • Leave-related changes now show more information including leave type, subject and requested leave date.
    • A new filter has been introduced to filter by the affected subject employee.
    • It is now also possible to filter by leave date instead of by change date. The default sorting has been improved to show requests in the order in which they were requested (oldest first). This is better for first-come-first-serve booking situations.
    • It is now also possible to filter requests by leave type and by leave dates.



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