Release notes 19/10/2023

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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Release highlights

📋 You can now reorder columns in any of your People Reports! This includes a significant visual upgrade to the report generation interface.
📧 Improved layout and design in all system email notifications.
💰 You can now choose to add adjustments and fringe benefits which are paid per payroll period.



🙆‍♀️ HR

  • You can now manage report templates and edit the order of your columns when saving a template or generating an instant report. This will allow users to arrange and display data in a comprehensible manner. A new “Generate report” button is also available, this exports your current view instantly.

  • Better looking system emails throughout Talexio



⏲️ Time & Attendance

  • Leave types can now be specified when booking leave based on missing clockings.
  • We have added the ability to include lateness penalties when adding shift templates in bulk.
  • The report generation process has been improved.



💵 Payroll

  • Adjustments and fringe benefits added to employee positions can now be paid out based on the payroll period.

  • We have optimised the bulk edit options in payroll. The fields and interface should now load faster especially when you have large payrolls.
  • For clients using the BOV SEPA payment file - as requested by Bank of Valletta in a notification to all their clients, payment files for BOV are now generated without encryption. This is a mandatory change which is being enforced by the bank.
  • Any changes in the employee position will now ask you whether you want to correct a mistake or apply them from a specific date. This was already available for certain payroll related fields but now applies to all fields of the employee position. This should make it easier to apply certain changes from a certain date only.



📈 Performance Management

  • It is now possible to share more information when finalising a performance review. A new option is available that allows managers to decide if they want to share results with their employees as well as notify them by email once the review is finalised.
  • We have added an email notification for self-reviews. Now, the employee that he/she reports to will receive an email to advise them that the employee has completed their self-review.
  • Improved filtering for performance reviews! Users can quickly narrow down results to find the information they require.



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