Release notes 21/06/2024

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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 Release Highlights

⌚ We gave the “Add shift” and “View shift” dialog a UI improvement.

🔨We have added a new Bulk changes action in Scheduler.


🏖️ Leave

  • We have added 2 new columns in the Banked hours breakdown in the employee leave balance pod titled “Created” and “Source”. These columns will further help users track their hours.


 ⌛Time & Attendance

  • We gave the “Add shift” and “View shift” dialog a UI improvement. The information is now presented in a more efficient way making the interface feel more natural and user-friendly for T&A users.


  • We have improved the user experience and how warnings in Scheduler related to Working schedule needs are added and displayed. T&A admin users can plan and allocate resources more effectively, leading to overall gains in productivity.
  • We have added a new Bulk changes action in Scheduler. This action is able to handle larger quantities of shifts and can be used to perform all the necessary actions (Publish, Unpublish & Clear) from the same dialog.


💷 Payroll

  • More information has been added to a recent new page called Background jobs. Through this page users are able to re-download all the reports that they generated in the past 2 months.
  • We have improved how information is loaded in the Bulk edit view and the Generate payment file wizard. With these changes, Talexio payroll users will notice a significant speed improvement, especially for payrolls containing a large volume of employees.


✨ Insights

  • Recently, we started rolling out our new Insights module to a select group of test users. We are currently adding more features with every release in anticipation of our big release. Of note, in this sprint we have added added filters to the “Smart feed”. We also added a number of new pre-made reports related to “Salary insights” - which will also be available to you from the “People” section. With the range of new salary insights and reports, HR admins will be able to improve strategic planning, identify pay disparities, and follow market trends. Stay tuned for this ground-breaking upgrade in the coming weeks.


📖 Helpful articles

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📺 Webinars

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