Banking Hours

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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Talexio allows you the option of banking your overtime hours instead of being paid for them. 


  1. Permissions
  2. Setup
  3. Entitlements
  4. How are hours banked?
  5. Facilities with banked hours
  6. Reports
  7. Using Banked hours


To enable this setting, you will need the Manage Leave Types permission (and this must be set on global). 


Banking hours are set up as a leave type. A leave type which is set up for banking hours will stop behaving like normal leave. 

To set up a leave type for banking hours, create a new leave type and select 'allow banking':


Alternatively, if you would like to amend a previously existing leave type then you need to click on More and Manage Banking Hours:


It is important to switch on the Allow Banking switch. 



A banking hours leave type keeps track of entitlement differently. From the Banking Leave Type Manage Banking Hours option, minimum and maximum entitlements can be set.

Minimum Hours

  • Upon set-up, you will be able to select the minimum and maximum banked hours. If the minimum hours is left empty, then the minimum hours is uncapped and can go into a negative balance.
  • If the employees cannot go below a 0 balance, then the minimum must be set as 0.
  • If you add a negative figure (for example -50), then employees will be able to book 50 hours of banked hours even when they 0 balance left. A person can book more than available so long as they do not reach the negative limit.

Maximum Hours

  • A person cannot have more than the maximum amount allowed banked. For the maximum, if this is set to 100, then employees cannot avail of more than 100 hours of banked hours.
  • If the maximum is left empty, then there is no maximum and the hours are uncapped.


Using the leave type subtracts from the balance. Normal entitlements can also apply on banked hours. Employees can have a base entitlement and you can have entitlement modifications at individual level. In the employee entitlements section, you can see the breakdown of how the entitlement was made up (including instances of banking). 

How are hours banked?

The banking occurs during T&A approval. Upon approval, any overtime hours can be banked (and are calculated at the rate of that particular overtime). So if an employee is banking 3 hours (which would normally be paid at a 200% rate), then 6 hours are banked (3 x 2). 


The above example shows the user manually adding the banked hours. However, if you have a default banked hours account, get in touch with us, and we will set it up for you. Then, you will not need to manually copy and paste the hours from overtime to banking. 


Facilities with banked hours

Banked hours can be carried forward like other leave types. Banked hours can be paid off like any other leave types.

Banked hours can also be transferred from one banking leave type to another. Go to an employee's leave balance pod from their profile: 




Banking hours information can be found in the below reports:

  • The weekly review page;
  • Approved timesheets report (this also includes a toggle to show banked hours only);
  • Total timesheet report;
  • Normal leave reports;
  • Leave report via payroll includes banked hours. 

Using Banked hours

To use banked hours, you will need the Request Leave permission. You can book banked hours as leave normally. Check this out for information on how to request leave.