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After setting up your company's departments and position titles, you will need to set up the job schedules. A Job Schedule shows what the pattern of work is for employees. The Job Schedule will contain their weekly number of hours, working days etc. 

By default, you will find a number of preset Job Schedules in Talexio, such as Full Time 40 hours and Part Time 20 hours.



To create and manage Job Schedules you will need the permission Manage Job Schedule Types on Global level.


Job Schedule Details

In a Job Schedule there are a number of details to be included to create the Job Schedules needed. Below is a breakdown of these details.

  • Job Schedule Name
  • Code: this is a shortened version of the name and will be used to refer to this particular Job Schedule in the system.
  • Is Full Time: Checkbox to highlight if the Job Schedule is a Full Time schedule.

    Employees set as not Full Time will have implications on the system such as more frequent Government Bonuses.

  • Prorata Bonuses: Unticking this checkbox will cause the government bonus and sickness benefit calculations to consider employees on this schedule as full timers (40hours/week), even if they are set to work less than that. This is mainly used for special work regulation orders (for example: pilots). When this is ticked, government bonuses will be paid in full in their respective months. Please note that this option is not available for all clients. Reach out to us if you would like to activate this feature. 
  • Fixed Schedule: if this is selected, then the employees on this schedule will work a set amount of days and hours per week. Selecting this will bring up the below fields: 
    • Fixed weekly hours: how many hours the employees on this schedule work per week, for example, 25
    • Fixed weekly working days: how many days the employees on this schedule work per day, for example, 5 days. This would mean that the employees on this schedule work 25 hours, 5 days a week, resulting in 5 hours of work each day. This will determine:
      • The leave pro-rata entitlement given
      • The number of hours of leave booked in the case of a “full day”
      • The number of hours of leave deducted based on days of the week employee works on (Ex. when booking leave on weekends or public holidays)
      • Payroll calculation
  • Working days: here, you will select the days which the employees on this schedule work. If an employee works 5 days a week, but can work on any day from Monday-Sunday, then you need to select all 7 days. Thus, Talexio will recognise that the employee needs to work 5 days a week, irrelevant if it is a weekday or weekend. 
  • Works Public Holidays: Checkbox to highlight if the Job Schedule includes Public Holidays.
  • Leave accumulation mode: this field is only available if Is Full Time is not selected, and it specifies the way which non-full time employees' leave is accumulated.
    • Fixed employees will have a base leave entitlement at the beginning of their employment (192 hours + any leave entitlement for public holidays falling on a weekend. This is prorated according to the start date and fixed working hours/day). If you want to remove this base entitlement and set such employees to accumulate leave only, then you will need to follow the instructions here.  

Creating a Job Schedule

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