Employee Leave Entitlements

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Alasdair MacNeill
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Employees are entitled a number of hours of vacation leave per year. Full time employees are given a base entitlement of 192 hours (or 24 days) each year. They might be granted more hours of vacation leave depending on the number of public holidays that fall on a Sunday in that year.


You need to ensure that you have Manage Leave Types permission.

Annual Leave Entitlements

Leave entitlements are the amount of leave that employees can have per year. These are split per country, per year, per leave type, and can be set in advance.

Information on Leave Entitlements for Malta can be found here.

How do I set up the entitlements?

Leave Entitlements can be set for all employees in one place. The amounts added in this section are what would be considered as a Full Time employees annual entitlements. Employees who have a pro-rated entitlement will also be granted such entitlements with the correct settings added to the leave types.

To set your company's leave entitlements:

  1. Go to the Leave section and click on Leave Entitlements
  2. Select the Year and the Country you wish to update the Leave Entitlements for.
  3. Edit the entitlement fields according to the Leave Types and click Save

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If you amend leave entitlements from this section:

  • Talexio will update the base leave entitlement for all employees. If you’d like to update leave entitlement for one particular employee, read more here about updating Employee Leave Entitlements.
  • Leave is given pro-rata based on the job schedule (number of hours worked per week) and employment duration of the individual. Read more about Pro-rata Leave Entitlements here.

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