How do I Book Leave?

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If you have the necessary permissions in place, then you will be able to book leave. Once your leave is approved, your total leave balance for the year will be deducted by the amount of leave booked. 


You will need the Request Leave permission to book leave on Talexio. If you are unable to book leave, then it might mean you do not have this permission. In such a scenario, you are requested to get in touch with your HR team to grant you the permission.

Booking your Leave

You can book leave from two places:

  • From your dashboard; or
  • From the Leave section. 
  • Your dashboard is what you will see when you log in to Talexio. It is also the first tab on the left. From here, you will see a large box with the words Book Leave. Click on this:

    leave 1.gif


  • Alternatively, you may request leave through the leave section. Click on the leave button from the menu bar and click on +Add leave. Then, it is the same process as in the previous step.

    leave 2.gif

    From this section, you may also book leave on a specific date by clicking on the date on which you wish to book leave:

    leave 3.gif


    Regardless of whichever option you follow, a window will pop up like the below:

    leave 4.png

    Here you will need to input the date(s) and select either skip review & submit or add leave & review. The dialog box will extend with a breakdown of the leave:

    leave 5.png

    You would be able to see the description of the number of days the employee works from the Position info on the page and also is the breakdown of the leave balance. You can equally select the pay type i.e. full pay or unpaid.

    If you untick full day then you will be able to input specific leave hours (for example: 2 hours of leave from 10:00 till 12:00). 

    leave 6.gif

    Click on submit leave request to book it. 



Other Leave Booking Queries

  • Your approver will receive an email with your request:

    Once the leave is booked, your approver will receive an email. They will then approve/reject your leave request. Whatever option they choose, you will receive an email informing you if your leave has been approved or rejected. For information on how leave is approved, click here

  • On your Talexio dashboard you will find two leave widgets. One will show you any upcoming leave (both leave not yet approved and leave which has been approved) and the other is leave balances widget. Click here for more information about your balance

    By clicking on Browse All Leave, you may see a list of your leave (both pending and approved). You sort by date, status, type, etc. The types of leave you see (Vacation, Sick leave, Maternity Leave, etc.) depends on the permissions you have. If you have additional permission to view the leave of other employees, you may filter the leave list by employee or department.

    You can also view leave booked in Calendar format.

  • When overnight shifts are present in Scheduler, employees have the ability to book leave specifying which portion of the shift is going to be covered.

    When employees with recurring overnight shifts wants to book leave for one specific shift, a new field title Linked shift will be available to select which shift the leave should be linked to.

    During the request process, employees would need to select both days of the shift.

    After clicking on Add leave, employees can select which shift / portion of the shift they would like to cover.


  • Yes, you can edit your booked leave. However, unless if your leave was approved before editing or cancelling it, then the amendment/cancellation will need to be approved by your leave approver. To edit/cancel your leave, go to your dashboard and click on browse all leave:

    If you would like to cancel, you need to select the bin icon. To edit, you need to select the pencil (edit) icon. From here, you can change the date/time of the leave and click edit leave:

    You cannot edit leave which has already been included in payroll. In such case, the edit icon will not be available near the leave entry, and you will only be able to cancel the leave.

  • By default, leave types are set up to only allow the leave to be booked as Full Pay. However, if you consume your full leave entitlement, any remaining leave requested will be booked as unpaid or half paid. This is very much dependent on whether your company allows for half pay/unpaid leave bookings. In such a case where this is not permitted, Talexio will not leave you book more than your available balance, prompting an error:

    If you are allowed to book half pay/unpaid leave, the system will apportion the leave accordingly once your leave balance has been used up:

    A leave approver may book half pay/unpaid leave even if an employee's balance is not fully consumed.

    For information on how to set up a leave type to allow half pay/unpaid leave, check this out (refer to the more options tab).

Please note that the hours deducted will be calculated pro-rata based on the hours you work (your job schedule). So if you work 40 hours 5 days a week, then your full day of leave will be equivalent to 8 hours (40 hours divided by 5 days). 
If you work shift work and book leave on a day when you have a shift published, one full day of leave will be equal to the hours of the shift (excluding any unpaid break time).