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If an employee resigns (or leaves the company), you will need to terminate their Talexio profile. But how is this done? 


  1. Permissions
  2. How to terminate
  3. Through the dashboard
  4. Through the employment position
  5. What happens to the employee in payroll?
  6. What happens to leave balance on Termination of employee?
  7. How do I revoke a terminated employee's Talexio access?
  8. How do I locate a terminated employee from the People section?
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You need to ensure that you have the 'Terminate Employee' permission.

How to terminate

There are 2 ways you can terminate an employee: 

Through the dashboard

  • Go to the employee's dashboard and click on the the burger menu (the three dots stacked on top of each other):


  • Click Terminate employment.
  • Input the termination date.
  • Assign an offboarding checklists, if required.
  • Assign a termination type and reason, if required.

  • If the employee has any leave booked after the termination date, this will be shown in a list. 
  • Talexio will calculate the notice period for you. 
  • Select Terminate.

Through the employment position

Alternatively, you can terminate an employee as follows: 

  • Go to the employee's dashboard and select the Employment tab. 
  • Click edit (the pencil icon) of the employee's latest position (in the case of an employee having had multiple positions during his time at the company). 


  • Select position ended and input the end date. 


  • Click save.
  • Choose terminate employee.


  • Select an offboarding checklist (optional).
  • If the employee has any leave booked after the termination date, this will be shown in a list.
  • Select terminate to confirm.

What happens to the employee in payroll?

Okay, so you've successfully terminated an employee. But what happens to the employee's leave balances, payslip basic hours, government bonuses due, etc? 

Talexio will work out everything automatically, so there is no need to work out any prorata workings manually. Follow the below example to see how this whole thing works out: 

  • Katia Chircop was terminated on the 21st of May 2022. Our payroll is a monthly payroll for June. When adding employees to the payroll, you may select terminated employees (they will not be selected by default, and you may remove them from the list by switching off the 'show terminated employees' toggle'). In this case, since Katia Chircop was terminated within the same month, she does not yet show as terminated in this view.

  • Add the employee to payroll and open the payslip:


  • 1. The payslip dates will reflect the employee's end date;
  • 2. The NI contributions will also reflect the end date;
  • 3. The government bonuses will be paid prorata up until the end date. You can click on the the tool tip next to the Government Bonus and Government Weekly Allowance to understand how these were calculated.
  • 4. The vacation leave of the employee is calculated prorata up until the termination date and added as a leave pay off. Following this, the employee's remaining vacation leave balance will show as 0 hours. You may add payoffs for any other type of leave. This can be done by clicking on the '+Add Leave Payoff' button and selecting the leave type. Whatever leave type you choose, the hours will be calculated automatically as the remaining hours that the employee has left prorata. 

  • The payslip can be locked and sent to the employee as normal. Following this, should you remember that the employee was due a bonus (or any other adjustment), you may add the employee to a later payroll and add the manual adjustment:


What happens to the leave balance on the Termination of an employee?

Any leave that is booked after the termination date, will be automatically cancelled.

You may still view any leave booked by this employee after they are terminated, by downloading the leave reports from the Leave section. It is important to switch to List view if you wish to view and download a report of a specific range of dates (rather than of a particular month only).


How do I revoke a terminated employee's Talexio access?

Once you terminate an employee on Talexio, such employee's Talexio login access is automatically revoked. If you want information on how to invite users to Talexio, click here.

How do I locate a terminated information employee from the People section?

You might notice that a terminated employee no longer appears on your People list:


But why is this and how can you find such employee?

First of all, the employee does not show due to the default filters which hides terminated employees. To view a terminated employee in the list, click on filter and add 'terminated' to the filter list:


Alternatively, you may search for any employee from the search bar on the top right-hand corner of your screen. This search bar is available from all pages on Talexio:


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