Carrying Forward Leave Entitlements

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Any pending leave balance from one year, may be moved to another year at any point. This can be done either manually (Read: Setting individual leave entitlements) or else go through our Leave carry forward Wizard.


To carry leave forward to the next year, you will need all three of the below permissions:

  • Approve Leave (this must be set on global);
  • Manage Leave Types (this must be set on global); and 
  • Manage All Employee Data

For more information on leave permissions, click here


How to carry leave forward

  1. Go to the Leave section;
  2. Select the relevant year from the calendar or list view. For example, if you would like to carry forward any remaining leave balance from 2023 to 2024, then go to December 2023 in the calendar or list view. Click on the 3 dots and Carry forward:

  3. Click on the Get Balances button:  

  4. A pop up will show any leave types that are set to “can carry forward” in the Leave types section. It will also show the existing balance of each employee and a field for the number of hours to be carried forward. 


  5. If a maximum carry forward is set, the number of hours in the “Carry forward” field will not exceed this amount.


  6. Should you choose to set up an expiry date, the number of hours carried forward will be deducted when this expiry date elapses. 



Please note that any leave booked next year will automatically take leave from the pool of leave carried forward before using up the new year's leave entitlement (assuming the expiry date, if any, has not yet elapsed). 

Furthermore, please note that you may only carry forward a positive balance. If an employee has a negative (for example -20 hours), this cannot be carried forward to the next year. 

If you'd like to pay off any pending leave balance, you may do so through payroll.