Release Notes 22/04/2021

  • Updated


  • IMP For clients using the BOV SEPA payment file - Following recent changes by the bank, we have now received official confirmation that the Talexio SEPA payment file correctly includes the Originator/debtor full address. 
  • Optimized performance for the payroll lists meaning payrolls with a large number of employees now load 83% faster.
  • Terminated employees can be sent payslip and FS3 via email upon termination of their employment. 
  • New FS5 report is now available for download from the Payroll list view. 
  • Payment report totals are grouped by currency. 
  • Net rate for additional hourly rates in position history changed to 4 decimal places. 
  • Employees who are on a non-fixed job schedule can earn the basic amount of Public Holidays based on the average day over the past 13 weeks.
  • In the case of employees who earn less than the weekly minimum wage, a new option allows  a user to select or deselect whether to pay NI (10%) or not.
  • When updating user information, users may download FS3s with this updated information as well as with the information that was used at the point of original download.
  • Bug-fix: Covid Wage Supplement adjustment now editable. 


  • New permission created to allow users to ‘Manage Employment Positions’ without having access to ‘Manage or View Salaries’ in permissions. 
  • New filter to ‘Show Managers only’ added in Settings > Units for the organisation chart. 
  • A brand new feature of Company Resources has been introduced
  • Bug-fix: currently employed filter includes employees with the end date being today. 



  • New option available in Job Schedule which allows users to choose whether a person is on a non-fixed job schedule, accumulates leave or not.
  • Added permission in Leave types where permission to view leave by Job Schedule can be restricted.
  • When an employee is terminated, any pending unapproved leave is now kept until the date of termination (including date of termination). 
  • Added a new feature which allows you to restrict the booking or cancellation of past leave only to  employees who have ‘Approve Leave’ permission.

Training management

  • New report for Qualifications & Competencies grouped by job title and by employee. 
  • Employee’s competency position can now be saved in both ‘years’ and ‘months’ format. 
  • Improved a feature whereby reminders for ‘Qualification completion date’ and ‘Qualification expiry date’ can now be shown in the calendar.

Time and Attendance

  • When editing Shift templates, new functionality is available to allow users to apply the new changes to existing past shifts or apply to existing future shifts. 
  • When clocking period is added on payroll creation, a note is automatically added to the payslips. 
  • Option to round clocking time to nearest shift start time, available on Shift Template creation 
  • 10 mins rounding option added to Shift Templates. 
  • In the Review & Approve step, a warning is shown when basic hours are greater than schedule hours. Nevertheless, users may still approve additional hours as basic hours. 
  • When showing work shifts on a payslip, any unattached approved work shift in the previous months (but within the same year) are now shown in the list (but will be left unattached). 
  • Bug-fix: Missing hours rounded to 4 decimal places. 
  • Bug-fix: rounding of clocking time when an employee is late but within the lateness period.