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From the Time & Attendance module, you will have access to the Working Schedule. In the Working Schedule, you can generate your company/department's shifts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 



To make use of the Working Schedule, you will need the Manage Time and Attendance Settings (this must be set as global) and Manage T&A Working Schedules permissions.

Working Schedule Overview

Until you generate shifts, the Working Schedule will display the message "No shifts scheduled":


After generating and publishing shifts, the Working Schedule which will show all the shifts generated and published for the employees on each day:


Working Schedule Filters

Within the Working Schedule, there are a number of filters that make it easy to see only the information you wish to see.

Working Schedule Filters.jpg


These filters include:

  • This allows you to select the employee you wish to see reflected in the scheduler.

  • This allows you to select the department/unit you wish to see reflected in the scheduler and all the employees within.

  • This allows you to select the Job Schedule you wish to see reflected in the scheduler and all the employees the Job Schedule is assigned to.

  • This allows you to select the Position you wish to see reflected in the scheduler and all the employees who are assigned to that Position title.

  • Based on the created shifts, this filters the shifts to only reflect shifts assigned to the specified Work Location.

  • These filters perform specific behaviors on the Working Schedule:

    • Show employees without schedule - When an employee has not got any shifts added, automatically they will not be shown. This filter will make them visible.
    • Hide unpublished shifts - When there is a mixture of Published and Unpublished shifts, you can use this filter to hide the Unpublished shifts.
    • Show configured shifts - When there are configured shifts in the Schedule Generator, then this filter shows you these shifts, even if they have not yet been generated.
    • Show employee's leave - When Leave has been approved on the system, this can be shown or hidden from the Working Schedule using this toggle.
    • Use Work Location colour - The system default is to use the shift template colour in the Working Schedule. This toggle switches this to use the Work Location colour based on the Work Location added to the shift.

If you would like to manually add shifts, it is important that the Advanced filter "Show employees without schedule" is on.

Working Schedule Views and Warnings

The Working Schedule view can also be amended to be shown as a Daily View, Weekly View, Monthly View, or My Schedule (which will allow you to view only your shifts:


When the view is set to Weekly, an additional view is available to group the information by Employee, Shift Template or Work Location


When there are Working Schedule Needs set up but not met in the Working Schedule, there is displayed a warning symbol, which can be clicked on to expand on the needs not met.

rule 5.png


Some Important points

  • Populating your roster can be done in bulk or individually. Check the article here on the different options you have to add shifts to your roster.  After shifts have been added, you will then need to

    publish them to make them visible for others who have access to view their shifts. 

  • Once the shifts have been published, users can view information about the shift at a glance from each individual shift pod. When you click on the shift burger menu (3 dots) you can also click to see further functionality for that shift: shift details (1).gif 

    Available items

    1. View/Edit Details: This allows you to see a more detailed view of the shift information or, if unpublished, allows you to edit the shift details.
    2. Request Swap: Shifts set for a future date can be swapped between employees. More information can be found here
    3. Copy Shift: When creating the Working Schedule, you can copy a shift and paste it into other locations to complete the schedule. More information can be found  here
    4. View Comments: This is a place where employees and managers can discuss matters that relate to the shift on that day.
    5. Publish/Unpublish/Remove Shift: This allows you to Publish/Unpublish/Remove the specific shift.
  • Bulk updates may be done to a number of shifts through the Bulk Changes function. Clicking on this will allow you to publish, unpublish, and delete shifts in bulkbulk update (1).gif
  • After publishing your employees' shifts, you can export a variety of reports that gives you the breakdown of the Working Schedule information. For more information of these reports, please read the article here.
  • You also have the option to view the location in which a particular shift is going to be worked at/was worked at. From the the Working Schedule, click on the three dots near the shift an employee and click on View Location. Clicking View Location will open the Google Maps application and provide the user with directions to the location. chrome-capture-2024-6-3.gif


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