Release Notes 08/02/2023

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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8th February 2023

Here’s what’s new with Sprint 2


📌 General Improvements

  • As with every release, we have made significant progress in further improving system speed. We have moved a specific set of functions to a background job. These are: “Calculate payslips”, “Bulk upload” of Salary reviews, “Employee FSS upload” and “Export of Historical activity”.
  • The Cloud Device Manager, our standalone product for management of punch clock devices and their data, has received a major upgrade which makes it significantly faster.


⏲️ Time and Attendance

  • The newly launched Automatic Approval function has received its first upgrade - it is now possible to automatically book time off for any missing time. The automatic approval function is particularly useful to reduce workload when approving shifts that do not have any exceptions. 

  • It is now possible to enforce an automatic ‘break time’ for unplanned shifts - when configured from the settings section you can have Talexio calculate an automatic break of 30 minutes (or any amount you prefer) for every 6 hours work. 

  • Minor improvement to the creation of lateness penalties - making it easier for the user to understand what the different settings represent.


🗓️ Calendar

  • The calendar on your Talexio dashboard is now defaulted for the current date and the next day. This should allow users to have a more focused and streamlined view of their upcoming schedule, making it easier to plan and prioritise their tasks. The option for weekly view is also available. 

  • We have made our calendar view more interactive! Emojis have been added to the specific events of Birthdays and Work Anniversary, this quickly conveys the tone for such events and encourages participation engagement.


✈️ Leave

  • We have improved our bulk upload function! Now, duplicate leave entries are ignored automatically without the need to remove them manually yourself before uploading. The leave pay type is now also labelled as a mandatory field.
  • We have updated the “Hourly rate” column in the leave report to show monetary values in 4 decimal places from 2 for more accuracy.



🧑🏼‍🎓 Training

  • We have added a new option that automatically clears the default dates to show all active training courses in the Training module.


💥 Coming Soon!

  • In the coming days we will be launching our first version of the “Hot Desking module”. You can get a sneak peak of what the module can do for your organisation in this article. Reach out to us if you think Hot Desking could be useful for your organisation.



📖 Helpful Articles

Each month we take a look back at some of the common queries to highlight some of our articles that you might find useful: 



📺 Webinars

Our two most recent webinars dealt with functions to help you close off the year successfully, discussing features such as the COLA Wizard, the Carried Forward Wizard, and the End of Year Submission process. If you didn't manage to join us, we encourage you have a look at the recording and get in touch if you have any queries:

Closing off the Year Webinar (COLA, Carried Forward)

End of Year Submission Webinar





In case you missed them, here are our previous release notes.



👋🏼 Until next time!

To help us improve these and other features, please let us know what you think using the feedback section. You can also send your suggestions via support chat or email to We encourage you to also leave us comments in the ‘Your Feedback’ button from the main menu which shows up every 90 days. We really appreciate the time you take to help Talexio be a better HR software. We also encourage you to check out the Support Help Centre!