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1. T&A devices available

2. Overview of device installation process

3. Billing requirements

4. Device requirements

5. Troubleshooting & Support

6. Terms & Conditions


1. T&A devices available

Talexio offers a number of different T&A devices. You can find these here.


2. Overview of device installation process

  1. T&A Device recommended by our Client Account Managers, based on a number of criteria. Device options available here.
  2. Talexio will confirm whether devices are in stock. If devices are not in stock, these will need to be ordered and a minimum wait time of two weeks is required. Any devices that are not part of the standard Talexio devices, that need to be ordered specifically for the client, need to be paid in full prior to order.
  3. Client to provide Billing Requirements and Device Requirements in full and confirm all steps have been met, via email to devices@talexio.com.
  4. Client to settle invoice in full prior to installation.
  5. Talexio team to complete internal setup of device.
  6. An installation date is coordinated between the Talexio installer and the client once all the requirements are met, the device is internally set up, and the invoice is settled. All installations take place on Wednesday after 4.30pm and on Saturday depending on client availability.
  7. Login details to the Cloud Device Manager, and instructions on how to add biometrics to the device, are provided to the client.
  8. Terms and Conditions apply.


3. Billing requirements

Kindly provide us with the following details for invoicing purposes. The invoice would need to be settled in full prior to installation:

  • Company name
  • C number
  • VAT number
  • Address

4. Device requirements


Device installation location

  1. Devices can’t be outside, especially in rain. Device is only to be installed indoors. If any other setup is required, it will be at the client’s risk.
  2. It is not recommended that the device is installed in the vicinity of:
    1. Water appliances
    2. Steam appliances
    3. Heat appliances
  3. It is recommended that the device is installed directly to the wall in order to ensure security. Talexio will not be held liable if the device is damaged or stolen.

Power requirements

  1. Location where the device needs to be installed needs to include a power supply (A 3-pin plug socket to connect the device to the electricity).
  2. It is recommended that a circuit breaker be installed on premise as fluctuations in electricity might cause damage to the device. Talexio will not be liable for such damage and any repairs would need to be paid for by the client.
  3. It is not recommended that the power cable is installed in the vicinity of:
    1. Water appliances
    2. Steam appliances
    3. Heat appliances

Internet requirements

  1. With internet cable (Static IP): The location where the device is to be installed needs to include a network cable with RJ45 clips. The cable needs to be approximately 1m 15cm from floor (height measured from floor to hip distance). 
    1. The client needs to provide the following:
      1. IP address
      2. Subnet mask
      3. Default gateway
      4. DNS 1 and 2
      5. Any other settings required such as port forwarding or port opening, need to be set up by the client, prior to installation
  2. With internet cable (DHCP): The location where the device is to be installed needs to include a network cable with RJ45 clips. The cable needs to be approximately 1m 15cm from floor (height measured from floor to hip distance). 
    1. No settings are required apart from the actual cable being installed.
  3. Other scenarios:
    1. No internet available: Should the client not have any internet on location, this can be rectified by a mobile connection or home internet package. This would need to be managed and coordinated by the client directly with a separate supplier, prior to installation of the device. Talexio is not responsible for setting up a mobile connection.
    2. Device supports WiFi: This option is not suggested as connection might not be stable, however can still be tested. If the device is installed, and issues arise following the installation due to the unstable internet connection, the ultimate solution would be to install a direct internet cable. Any additional support visits and calls will be charged according to the rates stipulated in the agreement.

Additional requirements

  1. If additional functionality is required, these must be communicated at the point of device order. These could include:
    • Bells to announce break times (handled by a third party contractor)
    • Access control integration (handled by a third party contractor)
    • RFID cards for employee access


Installation requirements

  1. Client to provide contact person and contact number of who will be present on the day of installation. The client needs to advise the person who will be present on the day, where the punch clock will be installed on site. Any changes to the device location, after installation, would need to be billed accordingly as per agreement.
  2. A photo of the location where the device is to be installed. Please ensure that the internet cable and power supply are visible within the image. This is to ensure all is setup well prior to installation.
  3. Installations are always after 3.30pm
  4. For larger clients or multiple device installations, a separate installation plan is agreed upon between the client and the installer
  5. Client has 30 days from when the device/s are available to confirm an installation date. If the 30 days lapse, warranty period starts to count-down from day 31.

Data upload notes

  1. Talexio is not responsible for carrying out uploads of employee data to the device (in the case where only a device + CDM is purchased). Any additional service required by the client on this point, will be charged accordingly as per agreement.


5. Troubleshooting & Support

Please find some useful articles on how to use your device and CDM software. For any additional questions please reach out on support@talexio.com.

  1. Clocking in to your Clocking Device Manager
  2. Adding biometric data of your employees to the device
  3. Exporting clockings from your CDM account
  4. Troubleshooting device issues


6. Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the “T&Cs”) for Purchase of Goods, Equipment (the “Devices”) and Services relating to a Cloud Device Manager create a contract between you (the “Buyer’) and Talexio Ltd (the “Talexio”). Any further terms and conditions included with Talexio’s invoice or any other document provided by Talexio shall form an integral part of these T&Cs. Please read the T&Cs carefully.

Delivery and Acceptance - Upon acceptance of the quotation and payment, delivery dates will be determined.
Renewal fees - Cloud Device Management software renewal fees shall be paid thirty (30) days from receipt of the invoice issued.
Call Out Fees - Minimum €50.00 call-out fee plus €50.00 per hour thereafter shall be charged for requests made, including but not limited to pick up or delivery, installation, investigation, customised set up, repair of the Devices plus actual direct costs incurred (such as equipment, postage) in repairing the Device.

Payment Terms - Payments are made within thirty (30) days from receipt of invoice. Payments shall not be considered paid until received by Talexio. Amounts due are payable in the currency specified in the invoice. All Purchase Prices are exclusive of VAT and any other similar taxes, duties and charges of any kind imposed by any governmental authority on any amounts payable by you. Buyer shall be responsible for all such charges, costs and taxes. These T&Cs are deemed as accepted by the Buyer upon payment in full.
Quotation prices are valid for a period of one (1) month and prices are subject to change following this period.

Interest on all late payments will be charged at the rate of 8% per annum calculated daily and compounded monthly. Reimbursement for all costs incurred by Talexio in collecting any late payments shall also be due. Talexio shall be entitled to suspend the delivery of any Devices or Services if payment is not made within payment terms and if such failure continues for thirty (30) days following written notice thereof.

If Buyer disputes any invoice or portion thereof, it shall notify Seller in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of said invoice, detail the reason for the dispute, and pay all undisputed amounts. All charges not timely disputed in writing shall be deemed to be undisputed and shall be due and payable as set forth above.

Title To Devices - Talexio Ltd. has good and marketable title to the Devices, free and clear of all security interests, liens and encumbrances. Other than as expressly set forth herein, the Devices are being sold “as-is” and “where-is” with no representations or warranties of any kind.

Maintenance and Repair - All maintenance and repair costs to the Devices shall be charged as set out under ‘Call Out Fees’.

Reservation - Devices are reserved for thirty (30) days from payment and installed as per dates booked. If Devices are not installed within thirty (30) days from payment as a result of Buyer’s in/action, Talexio will determine the date to install the Devices at its sole discretion.

Cancellation - Orders can be cancelled within fifteen (15) days from invoice.
Disclaimer of Warranty - The Devices shall, at the time of sale, comply with specifications as per order. A twelve (12) calendar month warranty applies in respect of all Devices. The warranty period specified begins to run from installation, unless installation is delayed beyond thirty (30) days from the date when the Device is available for installation.

All products not manufactured by Talexio are sold only with the warranties provided by the manufacturer of products. Talexio makes no other warranty with respect to the Devices, and disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Devices are sold for commercial use only and are not intended for use by consumers; consequently, Talexio disclaims all warranties to consumers, as defined by the Consumer Affairs Act, Cap. 378 of the Laws of Malta.

Any Service provided by Talexio shall be provided as a customer service only and shall not be deemed to act as a warranty. Talexio shall not be liable for improper use of the Devices.

Limitation of Liability - In no event shall Talexio be liable to Buyer or any third party for any loss of use, revenue or profit or diminution in value, or for any consequential, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages whether arising out of breach of contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable and whether or not Talexio has been advised of the possibility of such damages, and notwithstanding the failure of any agreed or other remedy of its essential purpose.

Notwithstanding, in no event shall Talexio’s aggregate liability arising out of or related to these T&Cs exceed the total of the amounts paid by Buyer for the Devices. This limitation of liability is a material basis to these T&Cs, without which Talexio would not have agreed to provide the Devices or Services at the price charged. Buyer shall indemnify, protect and hold harmless Talexio, its representatives and assigns from and against all losses, damages, injuries, claims, demands and expenses, including legal expenses, of whatever nature, arising out of the use, condition or operation of the Devices, regardless of where, how and by whom operated.

Intellectual Property Rights - It is prohibited for Devices installed and software included in the same to be modified, reverse engineered, decompiled, used to create other works from, or disassembled.

Suspension and Termination - Talexio may suspend or deny access to or use of all or any part of the software, without any liability when the Devices or Services have been accessed or used in violation of these terms and such breach is not remedied within ten (10) days from written notice. Talexio reserves the right to terminate use of the software and restoring access to the software remains at its sole discretion.

In addition to any remedies available to Talexio by law, Talexio may terminate the use of the software with immediate effect upon written notice if: (i) payment for any amounts when due under these terms is not made and if such failure continues for thirty (30) days after receipt of written notice of non-payment; or (ii) insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings have been instigated.

Miscellaneous - Amendment and Waiver: No amendment or waiver by Talexio of any of the provisions of these T&Cs is effective unless explicitly set forth in writing and signed by it.

Confidentiality: All non-public, confidential or proprietary information of Talexio, whether disclosed orally or in written, electronic or other form or media, and whether or not identified as “confidential” in connection with these T&Cs is confidential, and may not be disclosed or copied unless authorized in advance by Talexio in writing. This clause does not apply to information that is: (a) in the public domain; (b) known to Buyer at the time of disclosure; or (c) rightfully obtained by Buyer on a non-confidential basis from a third party.

Force Majeure: Talexio shall not be liable or responsible to Buyer, nor be deemed to have defaulted or breached these T&Cs, for any failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any
term of these T&Cs when such failure or delay is caused by or results from acts or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Talexio including, without limitation, restraints or
delays affecting carriers or inability or delay in obtaining supplies of adequate or suitable materials, materials or telecommunication breakdown or power outage.

Assignment: Buyer shall not assign any of its rights or delegate any of its obligations under these T&Cs without the prior written consent of Talexio.

Independent Contractor: The relationship between the parties is that of independent contractors and neither party shall have authority to contract for or bind the other party in any manner whatsoever.
Governing Law, Venue and Dispute Resolution: All matters arising out of or relating to these T&Cs are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta.

Severability: If any term or provision of these T&Cs is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect any other term or provision of these
T&Cs or invalidate or render unenforceable such term or provision.