Release Notes 09/11/2021

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
  • Updated


  • With this release, we’ve added a show reporting lines feature in the unit structure. This will give better visibility to managers and employees on team structures. This structure can also be exported to PDF. 
  • Please note that we have renamed the 'units' tab in the Settings section to 'organisation'. 
  • You may now include the “reporting to” column in the People section. To do so, click on 'edit columns'. This can then be downloaded as part of the people export report. 
  • We’ve also introduced leave tags on leave types. This will allow employees to book different leave types linked to a specific leave entitlement.

Time and attendance

  • We’ve introduced multiple approvers when approving basic and overtime hours in the Review and Approve section. Managers can now have better visibility on approved hours for payroll.
  • You can now add cost centres to clockings when approving them in Review and approval. The field is also available when exporting the Approved Timesheet Report.
  • Employees who are on a fixed schedule, are eligible for overtime, and work beyond their job schedule hours will have such hours automatically added to overtime in Review and approve.


  • We’ve added a specify hourly rate switch in the Overtime & special rates tab on your employees’ employment position. This will give the option to add a more specific hourly rate multiplied by a percentage rate.
  • We’ve also added an FS5 rounding switch. With this enabled, all the payslips in that particular payroll will be shown as rounded figures in the FS5.
  • The payroll report in XLSX format now includes a checkbox to include additional hours breakdown. This also includes a breakdown of all additional adjustments within that payroll period.


  •  When adding a checklist attachment that is saved to the subject’s documents and this document is subsequently deleted, the file will also be deleted from the subject’s documents.

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