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Permissions determine what you can and cannot see/do on Talexio. It is important to set these up correctly. Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up permissions. Click here for the full list of available permissions. Read on for an explanation on the permissions relating to employee data. Leave permissions primarily target what you can see and do in the Leave section.



To set up and manage permissions, you will need the Manage Permissions permission, and this must be set to global. 

Leave Permissions

There are 4 permissions in this section:

Leave Permissions.jpg


  • This allows users to approve the leave of those employees for whom they have such permission. 

    The user will receive an email each time an employee, from who they can approve according to the permission, requests leave. Unless the user also has Request Leave permission set, then this employee cannot request leave for them, but can only approve it once it is requested by a user who has the Request Leave permission. 

    Having Approve Leave permission will also give the user access to the Requests section:


    Users with Approve Leave permission will receive an email (on their work email address) each time an employee (whose permission they have to approve leave) requests leave: 


    For detailed information on how to approve leave, click here

  • This allows users to access and manage the follow tabs in the Leave section:

    • Leave types


      This allows users to manage the settings related to leave types, such as creating new leave types, giving employees (who have Request Leave permission) the ability to request leave of certain leave types, etc. 
      If the user needs to assign specific leave permissions, the user will also need the Manage Permissions permission (set on global). 
      Click here for more information on Leave Types

    • Leave entitlements

      This allows users to edit global leave entitlements for different years/countries. For detailed information on how this works, check out this.

    • Leave time slots


      This allows the user to set specific slots for employees to book leave. This is done by job schedule or globally. Users can also switch off a setting to Allow specific leave hours. What this does is that (if switched off), employees can only book a full day of leave rather than specific hours (ex: 10am to 12pm). 

    • Stop Leave


      This allows users to block employees (either globally or else per employee, department, or job schedule) from booking leave on specific dates.

    Please note that this permission can only be set on global.

  • This allows users to request leave for themselves (or for others, if the permission is not set to self). 


    Users with this permission will see a +BOOK LEAVE button on their dashboard. They will also gain access to the Leave section and can book leave from there: 

    Please note that such users cannot view the leave of others unless they have Request Leave permission for others, or the View Other Employee Leave permission (see below).

    When setting up the Request Leave permission, you can also set an approval quota. To do this, when you are assigning the Request Leave permission, change the number under the Approval Quota field. 1 approval quota means that 1 approval is required for the employee's leave request. An Approval Quota of 2 means that the requested leave requires the approval of 2 approvers (in this case it is important that the employees who have the permission to request leave set with an Approval Quota of 2 have at least 2 other users with Approve Leave set on them). 

    The permission will indicate that it requires approval from two users:

    Request Leave Quota Counter.jpg

  • This allows users to view the approved leave of other employees. If this permission is set to global then 


    This permission also allows means that users will receive the daily leave email, if this feature is switched on

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