Release notes 16/04/2024

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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 Release Highlights

📲 Introducing a new ‘My Schedule’ view for easier access to your roster especially on mobile devices.

⬆️ Custom fields can now be uploaded in bulk

📄 You can now grant the Documents permission by data category!

🏢 You can now link contracting companies to your third party contractors!


🙆‍♀️ HR

  • Custom fields can now be uploaded via the onboarding template in bulk for all your employees. Find out more about this feature and other bulk upload capabilities available on talexio here.
  • We have included the “Salary per period” column when exporting a People report.
  • Employee documents management can now be assigned for specific data categories. Find out more on how you can manage this for your organisation here.


📈 Performance Management

  • We have improved the loading time when users access performance reviews.


Time & Attendance

  • You can now find a new view called “My schedule” that gives you easier access to your full month roster.

  • Work codes can now be assigned directly to specific shifts.
  • New review approval options are now available to control basic and overtime allocation based on job schedule limits.
  • Companies employing third-party contractors can now assign the third-party company name to the employee position. This gives our users the ability to issue more detailed reports. Find out how easily this can be achieved here.
  • We have added a new column into the timesheet report which gives you the week day.


💵 Payroll

  • We have added the totals-to-date for each separate cost centre when issuing a payroll report by cost centre. Find out more on this feature here.


    🦸‍♀️ Automated Tracking System (ATS)

  • An on screen message will now show when an application is deleted due to GDPR. Find out more about GDPR here.


📲 Mobile Application now available

  • Talexio is now available for download from the app stores! Log in to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, search for Talexio, and click on download to start using all features. Find out how to install our application here.



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📺 Webinars

Enhance your HR capabilities through our informative webinars on Performance and Training modules. Learn how to empower your team effectively.




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