Uploading employees onto your device

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Logging in to Talexio Cloud Device Manager

The Cloud Device Manager (CDM) is a separate interface to your standard Talexio account. On the CDM you will see employees that are synced to your device (hardware).

  • Visit the cloud device manager on https://cdm.talexiohr.com
  • User your login details - these will be provided to you by email or SMS.
    • Auth key
    • Username
    • Password



Instructions for users using Talexio clocking hardware and/or Talexio T&A module

Please follow these instructions if you have purchased a Talexio T&A device. 

These instructions will show you how to upload employees from your software onto the time tracking device.

Importing employees

If you are using Talexio HR, any employees which have T&A Enabled on their position history from Talexio are automatically synced to the devices. No action required on your end. It might take up to 1 hour to see any new employees on the device, after adding them on Talexio.

Next step, adding Biometrics for Employees (Finger/Palm/Face/Card)

Instructions for users not using Talexio clocking hardware and/or Talexio T&A module

Please follow these instructions if you are using another clocking devices not purchased from Talexio. 

Bulk upload

  1. Go to the Employees page
  2. Click Bulk Import
  3. Choose the file you would like to upload (template found here)

Individual upload

From the employees section you can Add or Edit employees. 

  1. Click Add Employee on the top right corner to add a new employee.
  2. Fill in the form to create your employee. The UNIQUE ID is important for your punch data - this is usually a unique employee number and it cannot be changed later.
  3. Any new employees you add will be automatically sent to your device/s.


Above: List of employees


Above: Employee add/edit form.

Once this is done, on the devices you will find the new employees and you can add their biometrics (face/finger/palm) as instructed. 

Next steps: