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If you've purchased the Talexio T&A hardware, you will also be provided with the Talexio Cloud Device Manager.


Logging in to the CDM

The Cloud Device Manager (CDM) is a separate interface to your standard Talexio account. On the CDM you will see employees that are synced to your device (hardware).

  • Visit the cloud device manager url - this link has been given to you by our team
  • User your login details - these will be provided to you by email or SMS.
    • Auth key
    • Username
    • Password

If you login to the CDM, you will be able to check the device status and the transactions (clockings) of your employees. If you also have the Talexio T&A module, all clockings will be available on your account - there is no need to login to the CDM.


Adding employees to the device

The process for adding employees to the device depends on whether you have also subscribed for the Talexio T&A module. Please follow instructions here.


Check device status

You can check if a device is connected from the Devices section. This section should only be used with caution.


  • Any new devices are authorised for you by the Talexio team.
  • The last signal icon shows whether the device is currently connected to the internet and the cloud device manager. Green means connected.

Clockings / Transactions

The punches of your employees are available from the transactions section. Here you can browse any transactions and also export the data. You can filter by date range, device or employee.



Above: Transactions filters and actions in the top right corner.


Cloud sync

The cloud sync section allows you to automatically upload your data to the cloud - this is particularly useful for Talexio HR clients who want their Time and Attendance data automatically available for Payroll processing. Please contact us on support@talexio.com if you would like to use this feature.



The admins section allows you to change your password and add new users. If you change your password, you will need to log out and back in.


Adding biometric data

In order to add biometric data, you must first upload employees onto the device. You can then follow these instructions.